Result Analysis

System Requirements


Server (Recommended)
X-86 – 500 Mhz or Higher
Minimum 256 MB RAM
Recommended - 512MB
Windows 2000 Server
MS-SQL Server 2000

Workstation (Recommended)
X-86 – 500 Mhz or Higher
128 MB RAM
Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
Recommended: Windows 2000/XP


Technical Features


Based on the latest JAVA Technology
Based on open database standards and protocols
Based on Microsoft SQL Server 2000+
Supports Windows 2000 / NT
True 32-bit client/server applications

EIMS Software Solution Provides the most comprehensive software soultion for implementation of CCE Examination as prescribed by C.B.S.E..

Percentage wise student report 
Class wise Result 
Overall Percentage wise (Class Section wise) / Subject wise 
Students’ Performance analysis 
Subject wise / Class wise – Teacher Performance

Graphical Representation of result (criteria based)

Bar Graphs for all the Result Analysis Reports 
Pie Graphs for all the Result Analysis Reports

Unique Students Information Tracking System

Centralised System to view details of an Individual Student on One Screen Form

Official Information

Displays various Official information about the Student such as his: Name, Existing and Computersied Admission No, Class, Section, Subject Group, Class Roll No., Gender, Date Of Birth (DOB), Blood Group, Admission Status (i.e. New, Old, Suspended, Left, etc.), Correspondence Address, his Transport Bus circle, Route, Bus Stop along with the respective Pick time and Drop time.

Personal Information

Father’s Name, Father’s Qualification, Occupation, Income, Office Address; Mother’s Name, Mother’s Qualification, Occupation, Income, Office Address (if applicable); Guardian’s Name, Relation and Address, Remarks (if any), Photograph, Signature.

Other Information

Details of the real Brother(s) and Sister(s) studying in the school along with their Class and Section, Permanent address, Joining Date, Joining Year, Joining Class, Concession and Applicable Month and if Student is availing the staff concession then details of the Parent working in the School, Name of the USER who has last modified or accessed Students Information, along with the Date.

Competence Information

Shows the details his Strengths and Areas of Improvement as recognized by various Subjects teachers along with their Comments. Details of his Activity House, House in-charge, House Flag Color and details of the various activities like Sports, Co-Curricular and Cultural event, he has participated in along with his Performance status and remarks in these activities.

Fees A/C

Shows detailed A/C of Fees, with month wise details of Fees components, their amount, Receipt No., Date, Time and User Name, paid till date.


Show the details of all the term, half yearly, final and annual exams conducted till date, with subject name, examwise max. & min. marks and marks obtained by the Student, subject grades and grace marks(if applicable), result status of Pass/ Fail. A separated column is available for VIIIth, Xth & XIIth students appeared in the Board Exams, showing their detailed Board result separately.

Attendance Sheet

Shows the details of different types Leaves taken, i.e. Absent, Sports Leave, Medical Leave, etc., by the Students on different dates during an academic session.

Library A/C

SShowing the details for transaction done by the Students in School Library, e.g. Book No., Book name, their Issue Date, Return Date, Due Date, Fine and Remarks, etc.

Contact Information

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