Resource Management Software

System Requirements


Server (Recommended)
X-86 – 500 Mhz or Higher
Minimum 256 MB RAM
Recommended - 512MB
Windows 2000 Server
MS-SQL Server 2000

Workstation (Recommended)
X-86 – 500 Mhz or Higher
128 MB RAM
Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
Recommended: Windows 2000/XP

Technical Features


Based on the latest JAVA technology
Based on open database standards and protocols
Based on Microsoft SQL Server 2000+
Supports Windows 2000 / NT
True 32-bit client/server applications

It includes the specialized module for Asset management and Transport Fleet Management. Asset management module helps in maintaining record of all the assets you want to monitor. It can hold details of their service schedules, maintenance records, depreciated value and schedule for replacement, etc.

With this module, you’ll be able to monitor and manage the use and performance of Institution assets to gain better insight and control. The transport fleet management module provide you with life-cycle costing, cost analysis, fuel consumption trends, fleet utilization, powerful reporting and much more.

EIMS Features

The unique features of E I M S that make it an attractive proposition for users in the utilities sector is:

  • Only basic knowledge of computers is required for operation of E I M S. As it has user-friendly application interface.
  • E I M S is Customizable and User Configurable.
  • An inbuilt Settings module makes E I M S flexibility to cater to diverse organizational needs.
  • It is build on JAVA technology - one of the most latest and upcoming technologies in the field of Information Technology, which makes you a forerunner in the world of Information technology.
  • E I M S brings information to the user's desktop through integration across all modules.
  • E I M S is Multi-user system. E I M S has administrator controlled user privileges for Multi-level system access control for security.
  • Better co-ordination between student – teacher, parent – institute, teacher- teacher and teacher - management increases quality and effectiveness of educationand institution and increased transparency of operations at all levels.
  • E I M S has pre-defined reports. These are used for normal reporting as well as Student & teacher development purpose. Additionally
  • E I M S can be easily customized for their own customized reports.

E I M S - U.S.P’s

  • Hundreds of MIS Reports
  • Dual mode printing i.e. Text and Graphic mode
  • Platform (Operating System) independent i.e. run on both Windows and Linux
  • Designed on most upcoming JAVA technology. Protected with the in-build Disaster Management System
  • Database connectivity with remote servers for Web Portal
  • Compatible with the IVR system database
  • SMS Messaging and Smart Card enable System
  • Customized Report designing
  • Configurable as per User’s requirements
  • Multi-level users security

Contact Information

355, Aggarwal Modern Bazar,C-33, Lawrance Road,New Delhi - 110035 (India)
Phone: +91 011 3293 9333

Mr. Manoj Sharma
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