Library Software Features

System Requirements


Server (Recommended)
X-86 – 500 Mhz or Higher
Minimum 256 MB RAM
Recommended - 512MB
Windows 2000 Server
MS-SQL Server 2000

Workstation (Recommended)
X-86 – 500 Mhz or Higher
128 MB RAM
Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
Recommended: Windows 2000/XP


Technical Features


Based on the latest JAVA Technology
Based on open database standards and protocols
Based on Microsoft SQL Server 2000+
Supports Windows 2000 / NT
True 32-bit client/server applications

Record Maintenance of Books, Periodicals & Electronic Media e.g. – Newspapers, Magazines, CD’s, Audio & Video Cassettes etc

Configurable Entities

  • Library Software Features'n' number of Subject Streams and Sub Streams
  • Library Software FeaturesUser defined Sub-Categories of Books, Periodicals & Electronic Media entities
  • Library Software FeaturesUser defined Accession No. series for Books/ Periodicals/ Electronic Media and Sub-Categories
  • Library Software FeaturesUser defined Issue Groups and their attributes
  • Library Software FeaturesProvision for Specimen/ Reference/ General/ Text Book categorization
  • Library Software FeaturesProvision for defining the physical position of Item (across Almira and Racks)

Issue and Return

  • Library Software FeaturesUser-friendly Issue/ Return/ Re-Issue process
  • Library Software FeaturesIssue/ Return of Books/ Periodicals/ Electronic Media to various Issue Groups
  • Library Software FeaturesDetailed Library A/C of Issue Groups
  • Library Software FeaturesYearly - Item reservation by Issue Groups
  • Library Software FeaturesOption to see photograph of the Member on the Members Info and Issue– Receipt Form
  • Library Software FeaturesSubscription Renewal /Extension for Periodicals
  • Library Software FeaturesReminder notices to Members for Overdue of the Title Issue
  • Library Software FeaturesData Mining – Using Advanced Search Engine
  • Library Software FeaturesRecommendations - of titles by Issue Groups
  • Library Software FeaturesBinding - Issue and Receipt of Items
  • Library Software FeaturesStock Verification System (Criteria Based)
  • Library Software FeaturesStock Transfer System
  • Library Software FeaturesCatalogue Generation System

Use of Bar Code / RFID technology

to obtain Member ID and Title ID during Issue, Receipt, Stock Verification and other activities


  • Library Software FeaturesSupplier List
  • Library Software FeaturesPrinting Reports for all the Configurable Entities defined like Subject Stream/ Sub-Stream List, Issue groups, etc)
  • Library Software FeaturesAccession Register – for Books/ Periodicals/ Electronic Media and Sub-entities (with user defined fields)
  • Library Software FeaturesIssue / Return - Reports for all Issue groups (i.e. Staff Members wise / Student Wise / Class Section Wise)
  • Library Software FeaturesDaily / Monthly Fine collection Reports
  • Library Software FeaturesItems Binding Status (Issue and Pending) Report
  • Library Software FeaturesLost / Damaged / Discarded Items Report
  • Library Software FeaturesRecommendation List–By Staff / By Students
  • Library Software FeaturesBooks Position Report
  • Library Software FeaturesStock Verification Reports
  • Library Software FeaturesCatalogues of Items